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Platform technology

Development & management

We design, develop and operate Headless platforms tailored to Shopify Plus Store.

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MarTech Strategy

Maximising the value of your customer lifecycle requires a holistic view that allows the integration of marketing strategy and enabling technologies.

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Digital Marketing

From the Customer Journey Map to defining the strategic levers to be used at the individual customer-seller touch points. Guided by data and people, we define the best Digital Marketing and Performance strategy using the most effective web channels.

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Web Design: UX & UI

Improving the end-user experience has a deep impact on every business. Our UX and UI teams will help you create an unparalleled experience for your customers.

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Assistance 360°

Our logistics and customer service partners are ready to help you complete the whole package. We only work with partners who guarantee quality services.

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E-commerce moves fast — we can help you stay ahead of it!

Discover our time-saving, profit-boosting and cutting-edge Martech Solutions.

Cut your acquisition costs and capitalise on your investments with Byte-Code's solution. By partnering with us, you will always have with you the cutting-edge technology services and MarTech vision that are indispensable in today's market.

What makes Byte-Code so competitive with others is that they have a great track record of providing the best custom e-commerce solutions with a qualified 360-degree team that can easily meet clients' expectations. Experience on structured projects as a software house, unlike agencies we have a much more solid technical experience.

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