Digital marketing

From the Customer Journey Map to defining the strategic levers to be used at the individual customer-seller touch points. Guided by data and people, we define the best Digital Marketing and Performance strategy using the most effective web channels.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential tool for any e-commerce business. Using digital marketing techniques, companies can reach a wider audience more effectively and efficiently than traditional marketing methods.

In addition, digital marketing allows companies to target specific demographic groups and tailor their marketing messages to appeal to these groups. Byte-Code's Digital Marketing Team, will help your company reach a large and qualified audience and, thus, increase sales significantly.

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In detail, our experience directs us to have MarTech e-commerce platforms, that is, technologically advanced and marketing-oriented platforms. The main activities we follow are: SEO, Marketing Automation, Advanced Tracking, Data Analysis and Custom Dashboards, and Performance Marketing.

SEO: we will conduct a detailed analysis of what needs to be optimized on the technical and semantic side. This means making sure the site includes relevant keywords, has a mobile-friendly design, loads quickly, and provides a good user experience.

Performance Marketing: PPC advertising for e-commerce involves the use of platforms such as Google Ads, social channels (Meta, Pinterest and TikTok for example) and affiliate marketing channels (Criteo, Outbrain, Awin). The synergy of these channels expertly orchestrated by a specialized team can make possible the real increase in revenue for your business.

Marketing Automation: we deal with the implementation of effective communication strategies for your customers on every touchpoint. It is of paramount importance, to analyze together the ideal Customer Journey Map and structure with it the possible touchpoints between you and your customers. This communication could take place through SignUp forms on the site, automatic communication flows whenever the user performs events of interest to you (newsletter subscription, cart abandonment, and others), A/B testing of copy and images present in emails, definition of customized audiences, and customized dashboards with statistical data and best practices to improve performance.

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