Maximising the value of your customer lifecycle requires a holistic view that allows the integration of marketing strategy and enabling technologies.

MarTech Strategy

What does it mean to have a MarTech approach? First, it means making technology become our best ally instead of an anchor that blocks us and does not allow us to scale. Concretely, we offer cutting-edge marketing-oriented e-commerce platforms, and therefore equipped with all those features necessary to be able to scale your business with greater ease. Forget days spent entirely following technical developments or bug fixes within your platform, from today with Byte-Code you can invest your time in high-impact revenue activities, on the technical side there will always be a team of specialists to support you.

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The second pillar for a MarTech-oriented strategy is to be clear from the outset about the actual goals you want to achieve. This requires establishing a measurement plan and implementing advanced event tracking. Advanced tracking is an invaluable tool for getting and a more complete picture of your customers and prospects. By tracking the right data points, you can understand which content resonates with your audience and which does not, which allows you to adjust your marketing approach accordingly.

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Also, it is really important that there is a complete and as accurate as possible sharing of top-level data with all advertising platforms. Starting with a CDP or at least a CRM like Klaviyo's, it is necessary to share customer information with Google Ads or Meta or the other channels that we will use in the strategy to make the communication to our customers homogeneous.

Finally, a MarTech solution, makes use of an indispensable tool in the e-commerce world: the product feed. In today's day and age where the artificial intelligence of the major advertising platforms is in charge of targeting the right message to the right user for us, it is necessary to pass all the complete and accurate information for it to do so in the right way.

The MarTech oriented strategic approach proves successful in world where advertising costs increase and technologies change year by year. To remain competitive in the new ones that the market will bring us tomorrow, it is essential to invest in a solution that can guarantee results in the medium to long term.

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