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Team Byte-code
December 23, 2022
January 9, 2023

What is micro-data and why should you care about it?

Marketing tools have changed a lot in recent years, but the underlying principles are almost unchanged. The most important thing has always been to understand the deepest motivations and preferences of our customers so as to convey the message and tailor the product. In fact, marketing is about understanding users and pushing the sale of a product in a "h2h" (human to human) dialogue.

In the past, it was more difficult for companies to be able to keep track of what questions, doubts and concerns potential customers had, and thus it became more difficult to respond and offer an appropriate product in the right place and at the right time.

Today, more than ever, we can use data to our advantage-how? Thanks to micro data

We are what we click - Massimo Giacchino

Micro data are traces of the behavior that users leave behind as they interact with your assets. We can compare them to footprints in the sand that allow us to understand the path and thus the preference of users.

This information is scattered all over the web. Collecting and sorting the microdata allows the reconstruction of the online Buyer persona, that is, their online life in their relationship with our product or our competitors' product. Online each click reflects our personality, our needs, what we want to learn and the change we want to achieve.

Massimo Giacchino has created a step-by-step method for you to use as a resource to increase your revenue and your value to users.

The method is divided into 3 macro areas:

  1. Market analysis, trends and buying process (increasingly online and offline, interaction with others increasingly faster e.g. I ask on whatsapp quickly)
  2. Positioning, strategies, customers
  3. Buyer persona: who our customers really are beyond demographics

Where can we go to retrieve microdata?

-For example, in the tag tab of the Instagram profile: by going to analyze one of our competitors by clicking on the icon where there are posts where the company has been tagged, we can find considerable insights into who our Buyer Personas are.

-Micro-data is also generated by our competitors. By doing SEO analysis, we can understand their positioning and where they are focusing their energy and resources.

-On twitter (much used for irony and complaining): in this channel it is easy to find comments or complaints about the product used in tweets where the company itself is mentioned.

-On amazon product reviews and Amazon's search bar: in the world's best-known marketplace, it is certainly possible to gather important microdata on customer expectation and a potential competitor's ability to meet or not meet this expectation.

-Looking on the suggestions offered by Youtube and Google when searching in the search bar.

-And finally within facebook groups: Micro-data are within facebook groups, where people compare and ask about purchasing a particular product.

What are microdata actually used for?

It is essential to do a qualitative analysis and understand underlying desires and needs.

One can find out both the pre-purchase and post-purchase experience, checking what the user is looking for first and whether expectations have been fully met.

Based on this micro data, an efficient marketing campaign can be built to intercept the user's specific interests. How? Through empathetic copy that speaks directly to people and their expectations.

Or through the creation of other content that really interests people, content that will be read that does not lower the attention threshold. This is because, it is content that people want, content that they need to answer their questions and problems. In the long run, this activity will allow us to consolidate an authoritative position within the market niche we are in and a strong loyalty to customers who know us, because we will provide the user with really useful information that is not found on the web in the pages of our competitors.

Why is micro data analysis critical for your e-commerce business?

Micro data analysis can be the discovery of a gold seam when I discover a profitable niche. That is, through micro data I get to understand what the potential market is and how I reach the potential customer.

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