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JBoss Enterprise Middleware

JBoss Enterprise Middleware is enterprise-class open source software to build, deploy, integrate, orchestrate, and present web applications and services in a Service-Oriented Architecture.

Byte-Code is JBoss Premier Partner and has great experience on all JBoss solutions and platforms.

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Our Partnership with Jboss provide us the chance to grant the best practice and innovation communities and developer do.

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JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform integrate multiple projects and components, all at different versions with different dependencies, into a single, stable, certified distribution with support, patches and updates, documentation, and a multi-year maintenance policy.

JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform

JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform provides an open source and standards-based environment for hosting and serving applications and information in a portal web interface, publishing and managing content, and personalizing users' experiences.

MetaMatrix Enterprise Data Services Platform

MetaMatrix Enterprise Data Services Platform is a powerful data services management system.

It provides tools for creating data services accessible through JDBC, ODBC or web service protocols, a repository for storing data service definitions with relevant metadata, and a robust execution environment that provides enterprise-class performance, data integrity, and security.

JBoss Enterprise SOA platform - JBoss ESB

The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is a flexible, standards-based platform for integrating business services/events and automating business processes.

It enables business process automation by orchestrating application components and services running on JBoss Enterprise Middleware or any other application platform that supports key SOA standards.

JBoss Frameworks

Byte-Code, as a Red Hat Premier Partner, deliver consultancy and training on JBoss platforms and components


Industry-leading object/relational mapping and persistence.


Business process automation and workflow engine.

JBoss Rules

Business rules definition and management system.

JBoss Seam

JBoss Seam is a powerful new application framework for building next generation Web 2.0 applications

JBoss Operation Network

An advanced management platform for inventorying, administering, monitoring JBoss instances

JBoss Developer Studio

JBoss Developer Studio provides a certified open source development environment


Byte-Code is Red Hat Premier Partner and JBoss Premier Partner and can offer discounted subscriptions and support on acquiring the right service levels for you needs.

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