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high-productivity web framework based on the Groovy language.

The next generation Java platform for building enterprise class web application.

Who Needs it

Groovy & Grails are frameworks for any organization that, having a successful java enterprise environment, wants to speed up the development cycle to better perform with agile methodologies.

  • Fast prototyping
  • Rapid development
  • business DLSs
  • Better TTD

Key Features

  • Groovy & Grails Courses (Academy)
  • Groovy & Grails Coach, take off to groovy in the right way.
  • Groovy & Grails Projects Outsourcing The next generation java platform for building enterprise class web application.

The Groovy Magic

If you try to imagine what Java 2.0 should be, then you will probably end up with Groovy.

Groovy is a mature modern language that brings into the java world many features of other famous languages like ruby, python and smalltalk.

All without force you to learn a new language and API from scratch, because the groovy compiler fully supports any kind of java code so you can learn it bit by bit, without facing a dangerous learning curve.

Its The best use cases applications are web development, internal DSLs and testing.

The Holy Grails

That is a dramatically different approach to web application development.
Grails is an application framework, based on Groovy, that put together some successful frameworks like Spring Framework and Hibernate with the best approaches you can have to drastically reduce the fluffy configurations and useless ceremony to what is just needed.

Get things done in weeks instead of months.

That's it.

Grails is basically the best way to achieve more, without touch an already existing java environment because it fully compatible with any java application servers you already have..

Byte-Code @ Gr8 Conference

Copenhagen 19-20th May.

Byte-Code supported the most important groovy and grails european event as gold sponsor. Here you have a video of the conference