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Enterprise development services

Byte-Code provide high quality enterprise support services to meet the requirements of public, private and social enterprise sector agencies and institutions. If we talks about enterprise development it should be seen as an investment into not only the future of your company, but also for the future of your business.

Byte-Code team can assist your business, or project regardless from locating and applying for project finance, facilitating tenders and contract opportunities, advising on company policy, carrying out performance audits, as well as business planning.
Regardless of size, whether your business is a new start-up, an existing firm, a well established business and/or a charity we can help and support your progress.


It is essential to employ enterprise development consultants to develop policies; strategies and program profiles. The Byte-Code team can provide to your company some of the best solutions architect on the market.

Develop the correct strategy

Understanding the environment in which you are doing your development, provides the roadmap for successful business. It is essential to have an adequate strategy in order to move forward.
Save money today. And lower costs for the future.


Understanding your company needs (strategy, policy and program profiles) is just the first step. Without well documented financial and operational implementation plans a project is doomed to failure.
Byte-Code uses professional project design and management tools to ensure that every step in your activity process is thought and planned. This ensures timeous implementation and minimal wastage.


There are many different ways to run an enterprise development program, find the right profiles ensure that our clients can select from a variety of different enterprise development vehicles.


Our solutions architect work to make sure your enterprise development program happens as per the Program Plan. This includes maintenance and compatibilities with 3rd parties software and hardware; sourcing and qualifying beneficiaries; monitoring and reporting.

Granting to your business:

  • Great Performance
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability