Build, Run & Manage Java applications in the cloud.
The CloudBees Platform architecture provides a powerful foundation for cloud development and deployment services.


CloudBees provides a standards-based, integrated and scalable platform for Java developers who want to develop and deploy web applications in a cloud environment without administration headaches. It is a leader in the Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) sector.
PaaS has gained great popularity among developers in recent years. It has the potential to significantly reduce IT administration and management complexities associated with developing and deploying web applications.
However, traditionally, PaaS providers have focused on Ruby, Python and PHP platforms. The Java platform has so far been under-served by PaaS providers due to the complexity of managing and scaling Java application servers that can be very resource hungry.

We are Partners

1The CloudBees Ecosystem brings cloud-based services from partner companies directly to Java developers.

Here you can see the whole list of our partners.

Beneficts using CloudBees


Everything you need to create new applications with no software installation, using the tools you already know

  • ClickStarts - Get an end-to-end application up and going instantly, complete with source, build, test and a choice of frameworks and languages
  • Eclipse - The CloudBees Eclipse plugin brings the power of CloudBees right to your favorite IDE
  • Repositories - Use our hosted Git or SVN source repositories on our Forge, or connect to others in a snap
  • SDK - Our powerful SDK gives you complete command-line access to CloudBees functionality
  • API - Want to write code to interact with CloudBees? Our HTTP-based API is there for you


With AnyCloud and flexible runtimes, deploy to the runtime, region, and infrastructure cloud target of your choice

  • ClickStacks - Choose from CloudBees-provided standard runtimes like JBoss and Tomcat, or create and deploy your own, customized for your needs
  • Flexible Runtimes - Choose Grails, Play, Scala -- all the popular JVM-based frameworks and languages play well on CloudBees
  • AnyCloud - Protect your investments through a choice of infrastructure cloud provider options
  • Performance - Run your applications close to your existing database and services, with low latency and improved performance
  • Value and Simplicity - CloudBees manages everything for you, with a consistent experience regardless of your choice of deployment target


Scale down, up, and out - automatically or under your control - making best use of resources and controlling cost

  • Instances - Scale out to meet the most demanding load and growth curve
  • Triggers - Use various CloudBees-exposed measurements to trigger scale out and back
  • Size - App-cells give you fine-grain control over the memory used by your app, improving utilization