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Byte-Code are searching talented and fresh minded people

We are hiring

Byte-Code is searching for talented, highly focused individuals who enjoy working with enterprise and opensource software technologies, great people and a proven management team. Our culture pursue innovation, open research and sustainable business.

We are looking for:

People who make their business a passion and they're looking for suitable environment where grow professionally. You are the ideal candidate if:

  • You know SCRUM and you wish work with Agile methodologies.
  • You know innovative technologies and languages like Groovy, Python, Objective-C or JavaScript.
  • You Work regularly with OpenSource technologies (such as Linux, JBoss, Tomcat, etc.).
  • You have a deep experience in designing and implementing of complex Web-based applications.
  • You have experience in the roll-out of online services in international contexts and multi-channel enterprise.


If this sounds like the gig for you, send us your resume:

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We offer:

Working at Byte-Code represent a fresh experience, you'll be in touch with a lot of people that can teach you something new. Work on global scale project, collaborate abroad countries and enjoy working in team from the whole world

You'll step in a Start-up atmosphere, so you'll can be part of something really new. You'll find that working for Byte-Code is not only a matter of works, but enjoy a team, every Byte-Code exployes get:

  • MacBook Pro or a top Linux laptop
  • Pretty nice workplace with all the facilities you can find at home
  • We promote Teleport.
    Byte-Code teleport is our form of remote work, so you'll be free to manage yourself
  • RHCT, RHCE & Java Sun Certifications if not already have one.
    Let's take a look at our partners and our certifications
  • Byte-Code annual Meetup where you'll live an intense week of fun and co-working experience with your colleagues.
  • Are you looking for a startup business style, fresh and dynamic.
  • Do you think that productivity depends first of all from which to express their skills.
  • Are you interested team working focused on projects of e-commerce evolved.
We want you to be happy to come at work.